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Stylist Pull Policy:

Please read all of the below before emailing us:

As of 2019 we only loan out to stylists based in California. We require that proposals, pull letters, and all applicable details be emailed to us in advance for us to review. Not all requests will be approved.

We only loan for editorial content for which we can be properly credited. We do not loan for events, music videos, or live performances. If you wish to pull for a private client with the intent to purchase items please see our private client policy below.

If approved we will send you our particular requirements for use of our products. We will also require a card on file, a copy of your driver's license, and a signed pull agreement that will be provided to you post approval. If you need items shipped we will require that you provide us with your shipping account number, and if you would prefer to use our shipping methods we will invoice you prior to shipping. Any damages or missing items will be documented upon return and charged to the card on file.

Please note that purchasing from us with the intention to use the garments and return them as a way to bypass our stylist policy is considered as a type of fraud called 'wardrobing' which will result in a permanent ban from purchasing from and shopping our products on any of our affiliate sites.

If you wish to submit an editorial pull request please email


Private Client Policy:

Personal stylists who wish to pull from us for a private client with the intent to purchase must be based in the United States. This policy works differently as there is a minimum purchase amount based on the total value pulled and amount of time the products will be out of our possession before a decision is made.

This minimum purchase amount will be charged prior to shipping or pick-up.

To learn more please email


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