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As it embraces a wide sartorial palette, The Martina Spetlova collection at odd92 is a mark of free-spirted creativity and individuality. Having previously studied chemistry in Prague, Martina Spetlova joined the fashion textile course at CSM and graduated from the MA program with distinction. She started her own label in London in 2011, and her background in the sciences still manifests itself in the way Martina’s fashion experiments with textiles. In particular, she has found leather to be the most versatile, allowing her to punch and cut to create striking patterns with her signature hand woven technique.

Martina’s fashion is driven by a deep sense of ethical responsibility. As such, the leather she sources is always of the highest quality by-product sourced in collaboration with ECCO, the world's most environmentally friendly tannery who runs its production on 75% biofuel along with strict water usage policy. Her handcrafted textiles are woven by highly skilled female artisans who are part of a refugee charity project in The Netherlands where the profit goes back into the community. 

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