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A post-gender call for individuality, self-expression, and authenticity, Chin Menswear Intl. (FKA Chin Mens), clothing playfully challenges traditional concepts of male identity and masculinity amidst a seemingly stagnated sociopolitical fashion climate. Chin’s willingness to take multiple sartorial influences to their extremes capitulates a modern, post-gender aesthetic. Chin Menswear Intl. clothing doesn’t seek to redefine identity per se. Rather, as it seeks to understand what it means to be one’s self, his work is outside convention and beyond labels. 

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Chin, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, is a Taiwanese designer that challenges traditional menswear design by abandoning the rulebook and adding in a dash of sleaze. Taking classic menswear elements and combining them with traditionally feminine details, Chin Menswear Intl. is a brand for the fashionably carefree man.

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