Rocker Jesse Rutherford (The Neighbourhood) and acclaimed Australian photographer Jessie English explore gender fluidity and self expression in a 144 page hardcover collection of black and white photographs.


In the Fall of 2014, the two had scheduled a simple, single-portrait shoot. Once the shooting began, Rutherford moved through his self-styled looks with such ease and imagination that they ended hours later with eight distinct looks and 500 images.


Rutherford's self-styled looks featuring ripped tees, leather jackets and Chanel scarves added an element of ‘rock-god’ iconography, echoing the likes of David Bowie and Ozzy Osbourne.


“The thing that I have always loved about photography is the space it allows for performance. Jesse was a hundred different people over the course of our shoots; he tried on all kinds of personalities for size, every one of them a part of himself.” -- Jessie English




To expand on their exploration of gender fluidity and and self-expression, the duo decided to keep the collection authentic by presenting the images in the order they were shot, without retouching or excluding a single frame. The only explanation to be included was that of a single symbol: '&'

“In these images, I am both Nancy and Sid. I am the symbol in between. I’m not exploring any one side. I’m just doing what my tastebuds want to do. I’m exploring how things fit on the shape of the body I was given.” -- Jesse Rutherford


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