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When creating a collection the young designers at ICOSAE begin first with a mood. 

“Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse!”

Often associated with the iconic original rebel James Dean, this popular line became an anthem of the spirit of teenage rebellion of the 1950s. The phrase would later become the ethos of Punk when Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren emblazoned the first half part on many of the original wardrobe designs for The Sex Pistols.

The Icosae brothers took this inspiration a step further and explored the subculture of fearless Japanese bikers, otherwise known as Bosozoku (which means "violent speed tribes" in English). Unlike in America where the rebel is a glamorized figure, the Bosozoku are the square pegs in Japan's round holes representing a rebellious attitude that most in Japanese society would like to quietly pretend does not exist. 

This influence of street culture aesthetic is a reflection of the youth of the two brothers behind Icosae, but what is unexpected is their sharp attention on tailoring. They accredit this focus to their great grandfather who was a famous tailor in Britain during a time when it was an unpopular profession, citing him as the original rebel in the family. 

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