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INTERVIEW: Liam Gavin odd92's Newest Addition

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by Julia Viner (@juliaviner)

Unruly to the world of fashion, Liam Gavin, the newest member of the odd92 family made his first impression on us anything but ordinary. Liam was a natural in front of the lens, which helped to develop a story that exposes the true nature of odd92.

Before we get a little serious... Answer a few questions for me, open and honestly.

1. At this very moment how would you describe your mood in 3 words?:

Frustrated, amused and empathetic

2. You're the next Cardi B, on the brink of stardom, what is your stripper name that will follow you throughout the rest of your career?: 

VeryLargeNasty (which is actually my best friends 'finsta')

3. If you could die and be reincarnated into anyone or anything who or what would you be?: 

Pamela Anderson's blonde hair

 4. What is the craziest experience you've ever had in a New York taxi/uber?:

One time I was alone on my way home from Paul's Baby Grand and I was picked up by one of those industrial sized Mercedes SUV's blasting Travis Scott. I ended up convincing the driver that I was European and didn't know how to speak english so I could smoke a cigarette in the back seat. 

5. What is something that is really popular now, but in 5 years everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by?:

Anything Vetements... gag

6. What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s apartment?:

A room twice the size of my entire apartment that was purposefully left empty for aesthetic purposes...

We later talked with Liam about life in the Big City, his views on the ever evolving political landscape and its impact on fashion, and what he does to stay sane in such a dynamic environment?

What brought you to New York?

Well originally I'm from a suburb just outside San Francisco and the pace was just too slow for me. I wanted more of a challenge, a life experience centered more around excitement and constant change. When deciding what universities to apply to I knew New York was where I wanted to be, so I applied to Parsons as my first choice, then the Fashion Institute of Technology, and School of Visual Arts. I'm now in my second year of Parsons, as a Strategic Design and Management major and working towards a career in fashion business and entrepreneurship. 


Good for you, Parsons is a really tough school to get into! Do you think studying in such a competitive environment has altered your views on how the industry works?

Definitely, being surrounded by a larger influx of creative and fashion driven people I for sure felt the pressure to excel in both my academic and social environments. Growing up in a small town than moving to a big city, it quickly put into perspective that I'm not that special. I'm still trying to find my way, and differentiate myself from everyone else in the scene. 

I think everyone in New York feels that way, you really have to step of your comfort zone in order to get your work noticed. How do you think the perplexed political landscape in our country is changing how young people approach fashion and design in the art world?

I feel like it's become more of an evolving statement. People are using it as an outlet for their opinions and a way to express and rebel against what they may not agree with. New York is a hermetic bubble where you can express yourself to the fullest extent without feeling the backlash you may see in other American cities. With all the protests and uproar taking place, it's an exciting time to be a young person with a voice, especially through social media, everyone knows what your point of view is from the click of a button.

So true, I really feel like the youth of New York has taken issues into their own hands and nurtured an environment where anyone and everyone can feel included. Thank you for giving us a peek into the life of Liam Gavin, and we're so excited to call you one of our own now!


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