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Chin Mens - Bromantic Notions!

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In an industry that is constantly redefining gender identity, one designer solidly stands his ground. Enter Chin Wang, the talent behind the brand Chin Mens. With a strong rejection towards the hot topic dialogue of 'genderless' fashion, Wang determinedly and patiently explains time and time again that he is strictly a menswear designer. 

"I do not like the term genderless, as I consider myself a menswear designer and create clothes with men in mind." says Wang.

It is interesting that in such a creative field people cannot seem to grasp that fabrics do not have genitalia. The direction a garment buttons does not suddenly inform you of which bathroom you should use. Delicate details incorporated into a mens design does not all of a sudden "blur gender lines". The conviction of the brand being strictly menswear is refreshing, especially for the gents he is dressing.

Not since the 1980s has menswear made such a definitive splash when fashion was divided between the two camps of either Jean Paul Gaultier excess and maximalism or Yohji Yamamoto's timeless simplicity with a twist. 

Womenswear has long been the standard cliche of being the platform for creative freedom but in our current age of instant gratification, the excitement surrounds menswear is palatable and has been able to reach a wider audience spurring daring men to take more chances with wardrobe than ever before.

This SS17 collection continues to explore sexuality, which the designer cites as a main source of inspiration, but in more of a suggested way rather than overt. He is exploring the concept of "Bromance"; a platonic relationship between men that borderlines on flirtation. 

For us here at ODD. New York it's love at first sight. And we think it's going to be serious.  Tap here to explore our newest affair.


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