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Bethany Williams "Women Of Change"

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"We provide an alternative system for fashion production, as we believe fashions' reflection upon the world can create positive change."

          - Bethany Williams (collection press release)

Bethany Williams' collection for 2018 aims to highlight and find ways to support women through the process of rehabilitation. For this collection she has partnered with San Patrignano (SanPa), HMP Downview Prison, and Aaron Skipper.

Bethany Williams London Fashion Designer Women For Change Production Process

Bethany's sampling and production are facilitated alongside London College of Fashion's (LCF) Fashion Education in Prisons program, 'Making for Change' which is a fashion training and manufacturing unit at HMP Downview Prison focused on giving female inmates paid work and new skills.

Additionally, Bethany has collaborated with SanPa -- an education and rehabilitation program for people with drug and alcohol dependency in Rimini, Italy -- and their hand woven textile department to create new bespoke hand woven textiles from recycled materials found within their own workshops. 

Bethany Williams Women For Change Collection Recycled Materials Attenzione

The collection then took on its full inspiration from the waste materials themselves; the waste 'ATTENZIONE' tape from the electrical department became a woven fabric and inspired a graphic print story. All jersey and denim is up-cycled from vintage materials sourced locally in Kent.

Bethany Williams Model Mustapha of TIH Models London Collection Available at odd92

For this collection Bethany is donating 10% of her proceeds to SanPa and 10% to LCF's Fashion Education in Prisons program, 'Making For Change.'

And that's not all -- for her lookbook, featured here, she collaborated with TIH Models, a new modeling agency that supports youth in London effected by homelessness. These images feature models Khris McAllister and Mustapha who were both effected by homelessness and unemployment in London. Working with an agency that supports social change is incredibly important to Bethany as she has worked with shelters for the past 7 years.

Bethany Williams Attenzione Full Look Available At odd92

Shop the collection HERE.

All images courtesy of Bethany Williams

Creative Direction: Bethany Williams, Aaron Skipper

Photographic Direction: Amber Grace Dixon

Fabric Creation: San Patrignano

Hand Screen Printing: Charlotte Kidger

Technical Production: Ella Studzinska, HMP Downview Prison


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