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A new youthquake has dawned as Parisian label Arpent is born with young designers Raphaël Brisson and Sara Rangchi at the helm of what they call a "dynamic project" that is establishing the identity of the brand's DNA first with footwear.

The inspiration of their initial collection comes from sportswear and other fields such as security and construction where the footwear is utilitarian rather than aesthetically pleasing. The goal of Arpent is to make these items fashionable without losing the humour of the references.

Not to be without their pedigree other influences range from Raf Simons to Dries Van Noten, but the designers are adamant about representing the direct influence of the city that surrounds them, having first met while clubbing on the outskirts of the tenth arrondissement.

The clothes worn by the eclectic crowd of the nightlife there ranged from ski masks to sticker-covered outfits which heavily contributed to their desire to produce a genuine homage of that vibe through footwear while maintaining the quality of a luxury item.

The youth of the brand is apparent with unconventional style of Arpent's photography which the designers created with the intention to properly portray a mood by making a strong visual impact and tell a story that involves the consumer entirely. 

The belief from the duo is that fashion is all about being deviant at the moment, so much so that this kind of attitude is now being celebrated commercially. New ideas are quite rare, with designers heavily focused on referencing old runway shows, but with today's eyes. For Arpent, there is a strong urge to create a new and fresh silhouette but with the same deviant spirit.


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